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Camel Milk Powder Factories Best Price Supplier

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Camel milk powder nutritional valueCamel milk or cow milkCamel milk and traditional medicineThe nutritional value of camel milkDifferent between camel milk and cow milkCamel milk powder factories
Camel Milk Powder Factories Best Price Supplier

Most of the best camel milk powder factories are located in middle east countries such as Iran. Producer manufacturer and supplier of this healthy milk try to produce high quality product. The best price is available for importer, exporter, wholesaler and distributor company around the world.

Camel milk powder nutritional value

Nutritionist believe that camel milk dairy contains some good nutritional value. Raw camel milk products have positive for many diseases such as autism, diabetes and allergies.

Some specialist in nutritional science and nutrition revealed that natural camel milk dairy including camel milk powder contains nutritional benefits and advantages. Fresh camel milk powder has some elements and formulas that exceed cow and goat milk. Also, it is advised that it should be boiled before drink camel milk.

Camel milk or cow milk

Organic camel milk dairy and camel milk powder contains excellent nutritional value and some of it surpasses other milk sources. There are many experiences stating that camel milk powder better than cow’s milk and is an effective treatment for many diseases.

Camel milk and traditional medicine

A Kenyan dairy company in the town of Tanayuki in cooperation with the Kenyan Medical Research Institute. has decided to conduct a series of research to determine the validity of traditional medicine, which believes that camel milk is effective as a treatment in reducing diabetes and common heart diseases.

According to some studies and research, natural camel milk products like camel milk powder has a positive effect on many diseases. Disease such as autism, diabetes and allergies can be treat by raw camel milk powder.

But the US Food and Drug Administration stated that there is not enough scientific evidence for its use as a medicine and calls for more research and studies.

The nutritional value of camel milk

Camel Milk Powder Factories Best Price Supplier
Camel Milk Powder Factories Best Price Supplier

Fresh camel milk powder is rich in vitamin B group, specifically vitamin B2. Organic camel milk products including camel milk powder is higher than that found in goat milk. Then for vitamin B1 it is less and contains vitamin B12 in an amount of 2.3-3.9 micrograms.

Moreover, it is very rich in iron, and contains vitamin A by 0.037 -1.264 mg / ml, as well as rich in vitamin C by 5.03-9.8 mg, three times more than cow’s milk. Natural camel milk dairy has more vitamin C is found in vegetables and fruits.

Different between camel milk and cow milk

It may because the desert environment lacks these foods, God has compensated them with this vitamin in camel milk.

With regard to salts, fresh natural camel milk powder is more than cow’s milk. The nomadic need to compensate for the lack of salts as a result of travel. Raw camel milk powder has less fat than other types of milk. The taste and quality of this milk comes from the nature of the pasture of camels.

Some believed that drink camel milk immediately after milking. Therefore, it protects against diseases. The others emphasized that there is no truth to what is said that drinking raw “unpasteurized” milk prevents the occurrence of diseases or treats them such as asthma, allergies, heart disease and cancer.

Pasteurization is the only way to eliminate pathogenic microbes in camel milk products without changing its characteristics. It is possible to lose some enzymes as a result of pasteurization (with heat.), but prevention of pathogens is more important than losing some enzymes that are compensated from other sources or are supported.

Camel milk powder factories

Camel milk powder factories work on camel milk dairy has some special characteristics. It is because camel milk is different in some aspects from the other milk. most well-known camel milk powder factories located in middle east countries such as UAE and Iran.

Middle east countries have a long history in consuming camel milk. Camel milk powder factories try to produce more and high quality products. To buy the best price and high quality camel milk powder you can contact us to have more information.

Importer, exporter, wholesaler, trader, distributor and supplier of camel milk company can buy and sell this health milk to their customers.

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