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Natural camel milk powder Holland Shop Online

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Fresh camel milk power versa cow milkNatural camel milk powder similar to breast milkCamel milk powder ingredientsMilk ingredientsThe nutritional value of camel milkNatural camel milk powder Holland
Natural camel milk powder Holland Shop Online

Natural camel milk powder Holland? Buy online this pure healthy milk in Europe and Netherland shop. Wholesale company can buy then sell it from producer manufacturer and supplier factory in middle east.

Fresh camel milk power versa cow milk

Fresh camel milk dairy including camel milk powder is rich and a source in the basic nutrients that the human body needs. As natural camel milk products such as camel milk powder contain a high percentage of proteins.

And organic camel milk powder is called the white desert gold. This is because raw camel milk dairy like camel milk powder contains many important minerals and vitamins.

Pure camel milk products including camel milk powder has higher amounts of potassium, magnesium, iron, manganese, copper, sodium, and zinc compared to cow’s milk.

Natural camel milk powder is distinguished from others because it contains small amounts of cholesterol and sugar. So fresh camel milk powder has a slightly salty taste. In addition, organic camel milk powder considered substitute for cow ‘s milk for people who are suffering from the sensitivity of lactose (lactose Intolerance).

Natural camel milk powder similar to breast milk

Pure camel milk powder is the closest milk to breast milk compared to others. It means makes raw camel milk powder easy to digest.

Furthermore, pure camel milk powder has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Thus natural camel milk powder can be a treatment for many diseases, such as diabetes, asthma, autoimmune diseases and the heart.

Camel milk powder ingredients

Milk is originally a white liquid, consisting of a mixture of emulsified fat balls. It is meaning they are forced to mix with a watery liquid. Therefore, we have in any type of milk a fatty part and a watery part.

The fatty portion is made of small balls that contain butterfat globules at their core. And surrounded by these fats an envelope composed of phosphorous compounds and proteins. The function of this protein phosphorous is to facilitate:


  • Seizing and preserving small lumps of fatty butter and preventing them from clumping together and forming a large, clearly visible mass of fatty butter.
  • Facilitate the inherently difficult mixing process of the fatty substances in the aqueous liquid.
  • Protecting small fatty lumps from the effects of digestive enzymes naturally present in the aqueous liquid of milk.

Among the components of the fat globules, there are the fat-soluble vitamins, which are the four vitamins A (A), K (K), E (E), and d (D).

Natural camel milk powder Holland Shop Online
Natural camel milk powder Holland Shop Online

Milk ingredients

Milk also contains casein protein, and solid scales of calcium and phosphorous, and this protein makes up more than 80% of the proteins in milk.

And within the aqueous liquid, there are lactose, proteins, enzymes, immune cells, and combinations of minerals and aqueous vitamins.

And sugar lactose from bilateral sugars that degrade digestion in the intestine to give both the glucose and galactose.

The nutritional value of camel milk

The nutritional value of one cup of camel milk:


Cup = Standard Cup

Calories 107 calories


protein 5.4 g


Starches 11 g


Sugars 8 g


Cholesterol 17 g


Water 221 g




0.4 mg
Vitamin A 225 international units


sodium 150 mg


Calcium 293 mg



Natural camel milk powder Holland

Camels live in desert areas, most camels are in Asia, Africa. Middle east countries traditionally consume camel products, including milk and meat. Traditional medicine in this area specially in Iran use it to treat and prevent some diseases.

Camel milk also use in cosmetic industries. Natural camel milk powder is one the best choice for whom cannot buy it in daily basis. Fresh camel milk powder Holland is available for people in Netherland. Shop online pure camel milk powder Holland.

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