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Pure Camel Milk Powder High Quality Producer

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Pure camel milk powder useful for treating digestive disordersOrganic camel milk powder good for diabetesNatural camel milk powder and food allergyCamel milk powder reduces cholesterolSide effects of camel milk powderPure camel milk powder producer
Pure Camel Milk Powder High Quality Producer

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Pure camel milk powder useful for treating digestive disorders

Natural camel milk dairy including camel milk powder contains high amounts of anti-inflammatory proteins. So it has a beneficial health effect on stomach and intestinal disorders. Fresh camel milk products have monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids.

Raw camel milk powder is rich in vitamins. Consequently, this material contained in it work to improve our carbohydrate metabolism. In addition, camel milk powder contains an enzyme (angiotensin converting enzyme, ACE), which helps to properly digest milk proteins.

Organic camel milk powder good for diabetes

This low-fat camel milk powder not only contains healthy vitamins and minerals, but it is also a rich source of insulin. Fresh camel milk dairy such as camel milk holds a quarter of insulin per liter, making it a potential treatment option for diabetics.

A 2005 study conducted by the Bikaner Center for Diabetes Care in Rajasthan examined the effects of camel milk on type 1 diabetes. The researchers found that consuming camel milk reduces the amount of insulin needed to maintain blood sugar or control blood sugar over the course of time.

Natural camel milk powder and food allergy

Raw camel milk products lack two of the strong allergens found in cow’s milk. And pure camel milk powder also contains components of the immune system. It means children with allergies to milk and other foods can benefit of drinking it.

A study published in the December 2005 examined the effects of camel milk on eight children with severe allergies to milk and other foodstuffs. After failing to treat conventional treatments, study participants consume camel milk under the supervision of the researchers.

The Daily Progress Report indicated that all eight children had completely cured their allergies without any side effects. And the researchers said the results were really impressive compared to the traditional treatments.

Camel milk powder reduces cholesterol

Pure Camel Milk Powder High Quality Producer
Pure Camel Milk Powder High Quality Producer

High levels of cholesterol in the blood and heart disease are the main risk factors. Studies in mice have shown that the use of fresh camel milk products including pure camel milk powder has effects of lowering cholesterol in the blood (cholesterol).

The mechanism of hypocholesterolemia in fresh camel milk dairy is still unclear. But various assumptions have been discussed in this study. Namely that there is an interaction between bioactive peptides in camel milk and cholesterol levels.

Thus, lowering cholesterol, and also its containment of orotic acid (acting as an intermediary in the metabolism of nucleic acids). Scientists are believed it is responsible for lowering cholesterol levels in mice and humans.

Side effects of camel milk powder

One of the primary risks of camel milk is that it is consumed mainly in an unpasteurized form. The St. Louis Conservation Medicine (ICM) Institute in the United States. studied the consumption of camel milk in the African country in northern Kenya.

It showed that about 10 percent of people drink unpasteurized camel milk. Therefore, this puts them at risk to many pathogens.

Then, The study found that the spread of pathogenic bacteria in camel milk is more than the milk of sheep and other livestock. The report indicated that in Kenya, this increased level of pathogens is associated with an increase in the use of camel milk dairy.

Pure camel milk powder producer

Most camels live in Asia and some parts of Africa. Consuming camel milk has a long history in middle east countries. Traditional medicine in Iran use it for a lot disease. Also, pure camel milk powder helps to prevent some other illness.

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Traditional medicine and modern medicine believes health properties of camel milk powder. High quality pure camel milk powder is a key element for this complete food or superfood.

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